About AsianKittunz

Journey to become a cat lover

I consider myself a pet lover. Aren’t you?


I had wonderful stories with different kinds of animal. Actually, I’ve grown up in a village where the farm was just nearby. There I met chicken, monkeys, horses and cows when I was young. As I grew up, I used to own hamsters, tortoise, different type of fish, rabbits and many more.

The journey with Bengal cat began when my daughter wanted me to buy her a pet as a birthday gift. My husband and I started to look for a suitable pet for her. One day, I happened to meet an amazing animal that captured my attention in a pet shop. It has a “wild-looking” markings and a body structure reminiscent of the leopard. From that moment onward, I added a new vocabulary into my dictionary. It is called “Bengal cat”. I never thought I would raise a feline friend until I met Bengal cat. It was really amazing and awesome. My husband and I knew that we have fallen in love with this extraordinary species at the very first sight.

bengal-cat2-mirror - Sunny

With enthusiasm and passion, I started to look for resources and collect information about Bengal. Then, I was truly blessed by my journey of research. Felix is a fascinating creature as a house pet. Because I have struggled through as a beginner, I am willing to share my knowledge and whatever information I have collected with you who are new to Bengal.

As a hobby breeder, goals of my Bengal cattery are health, character and trying to keep the wild look of the cat. Priorities are “rosettes” and “a strong and energetic but elegant cat”.

Furthermore, as a responsible Bengal breeder in Malaysia, I believe I should equip my cat owners with basic knowledge before the kittens go to the new home. Hope you will enjoy reading and find it helpful with my blog.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

With Love,

AsianKittunz (+6018-2922573)


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